Ngarga Warendj clap sticks

  • Dhaal Galk or Clapsticks are the traditional instrument for song, dance and ceremony of the Kulin people. A musical instrument for both men and women. 

    All artifacts come with a swingtag & cards that give information on the artifact, artwork design and artist - Ngarga Warendj Dancing Wombat

    Our Dhaal Galk or Clapsticks are Made in Australia 

  • Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat produces high quality contemporary Indigenous Art, using designs based on traditional symbols from South-East Australia.

    Expressing cultural integrity in place, respectful of interpretation of my culture, and share my story as a Taungwurrung Kulin (Aboriginal man from my traditional country).

    We create and supply a range of products including gift lines and fine art.

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0405 456 552

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